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Welcome to EIS Ltd’s website. We are an engineering company specialising in galvanising plants; providing spares and performing maintenance.

A company you can trust

We got our name in the engineering world because of our exceptional attention to detail and customer service.

We have over 30 years of experience in the field and our services extend across a plethora of equipment – just ask!


Our engineers have over 30 years of experience and have worked with clients allĀ over the world.

Engineering and Installation Services has been established since 2009 to concentrate on the service and maintenance of galvanising plants and the supply of spare parts.

We believe in quality and reliability – all our parts and services are of the utmost quality


Doncaster Days

Our top engineer Rob is currently servicing 5 of our many UK Galvanising Plant clients up in Doncaster. Some of them are 20 years old and the newest is only 5 years old – the staying power of these Protherm furnaces really is immense. We recommend at least annual services to galvanising plants just to …

New Website 2017

We have decided to developĀ our own website which we will use to inform you of any significant service updates and to showcase our work. We hope you enjoy it.


For any queries please email us at: enquiries@eisgb.com

Feel free to call us on: +44 1543 481192